Filtered Water Cooler Pictures

Filtered Water Cooler and other water filtration products


Filtered Coolers vs. Bottled Water Delivery

Filtered Water Cooler vs. Delivery


Where does Bottled Water Come From? Right from the Tap. But these plastic bottles come from oil, not very environmentally friendly.

Where Bottled Water Comes From


Filtered Coolers come in different shapes and colours

Filtered Water Cooler types


Control Panel for Countertop Cooler - simpler than a coffee machine.

Controls on Countertop Cooler


Look inside: Filtered Water Cooler Filtration System

Filtered Water Cooler Filtration System


If you use a cooler, you can have filtered tap water as well

Filtered Tap Water


What does a High End Water Cooler filtration system look like?

High End Water Cooler Filtration System


Can you guarantee quality drinking water? Yes, good coolers come with certifications:

Filtered Cooler Certifications


Poor attempt at clean drinking water: an aluminium can.

Filtered Water Cooler

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